You’d be surprised at how strong you really are

I don’t mean this with any ungratefulness or ignorance or malice; we’ve been told we’re strong so many times since Lauren came along I couldn’t keep count. This week especially I’ve been thinking about what strong is, and what it looks like and what it feels like.

It might sound arrogant but I do think I’m strong. It’s not something that has 1 dimension to it though. And it’s not something you feel all the time.

The strength I see in others is in so many different forms and I watch and try and learn from others..

The strength in watching a loved one battle illness and instead of breaking down and becoming consumed by fear, just doing what you can to be there for them whilst inside trying to deal with it- that blows my mind in others. Yet I do it every day and forget it’s being strong.

I can’t even imagine the hurt and pain of losing a loved one if that someone is a child, sibling, spouse, best friend. It was heartbreaking enough losing Nanna. Just trying to live each day one foot in front of the other as you adjust and miss them greatly- it’s a strength so many I know have.

Being strong mentally and emotionally whilst battling infertility is a strength I don’t think I’d handle, yet I watch others give of themselves to their extended families and friends and open up their heart in a way I admire so much.

Being strong whilst battling cancer, knowing your limits, knowing what bit of joy you can schedule in before the next round of chemo has me looking on in complete admiration.

Finding strength whilst overcoming the remnants of abuse in any form, so that each day you keep living and fighting to love and live life, those people deserve every happiness. Yet often the results of what’s happened leaves them only on survival mode. That is sheer strength.

Trying your best to be strong when you don’t like your job, or the path you’re on and you decide to do something about it. Acting instead of just sitting. I love watching that mental strength.

If you’ve divorced or split from a long term partner, finding a strength within to be kind through the very real hurt and pain is an admiral gift. It doesn’t look weak. Keeping character is a strength.

And if you find yourself at rock bottom from choices that have made you miserable (I’ve been here), deciding you will keep trying each day to make small changes to be better even when you keep failing, is strong.

Crying and feeling and being vulnerable and real with your emotions is a strength I wish more people had. And while I like to keep my composure I have learned to feel deeply.

Being a mother is challenging in different ways for each single one. Keep trying, keep loving, finding a strength when you thought there was none left- that’s inspiring!

I’m not scared to change and I try to roll with the punches, but when things hurt and pull on your heart strings it’s hard. I’m not strong all the time, re grouping is a must.

I feel really blessed this week. I feel calmer and more peaceful than I have before. I’m desperately missing Wyatt and Lauren equally and it’s testing me every day, but prayers are being answered and my soul feels soothed- like 90%, annoyed the other 10% 😉

If you look at those you love- you’d find strength whenever you needed to, to help them, because I genuinely feel like each of us have it within. So much more than you imagine.

Some days you won’t feel strong or you’ll be baffled at what others see in you enough to say it- usually it means they admire the way you’re just keeping on going regardless of what life throws at you.

I would rather have my challenges and struggles than many others I see, we learn to adapt a strength to conquer our issues, if we dig deep (I know that’s not always the case with mental illness etc I don’t mean to be insensitive).

Dig deep, find strength, keep swimming and take 1 day at a time, you really are stronger than you’ll likely ever know xx

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