To the hospital warriors- you are heroes

I sit here in laurens bed wishing she was home (incredibly hopeful that she will be tomorrow!!) and not at hospital. Looking at her room and the happiness this room gets sings out. I wish I never had to be apart from either one of my children. It’s so hard.

When your child is in hospital, they let one parent stay with them. The other has to leave by 10pm. Some of the realities of hospital stays include the ‘bed’ you get to sleep on!! It’s rough for your back (I currently can barely move my lower back 😢), and neck and in theory we have a comfy bed this time round!! It can be anything from a chair that reclines that’s usually broken, or a chair the lays out into a bed, to a bed similar to hospital beds.

People come in through the night poking and prodding at your child who you just want to be able to sleep. And of course this wakes you up multiple times a night.

Parents end up in pj’s most of the day as your child’s needs surpass yours and before you know it every dr in town knows what you sleep in and how rough you look in a morning- it’s not pretty haha!

You move as much stuff in as possible to make it comfortable and with all your conveniences to try and ease the burden of being away.

Each machine has a beep with a different level of annoyance attached. Each door slam makes you want to get cross with the frequent visitors all the while knowing they are mostly doing a great job.

Suddenly your child has a schedule to eat because that’s when hospital staff cook it all up- so you end up needing lots of extras so that they still eat as they often miss lunch.

Up until recently, once admitted, the child’s medicines are done and handed out by nurses. You do it every day, yet now you can’t!? That has thankfully changed because it was crazy and far more work for the nurses and staff. Plus- we do it better ☺️

You have to learn to talk to all kinds of people when you’re upset, angry, exhausted and you learn that you must adapt in those situations- mostly. Your tolerance levels definitely start to lower for incompetence which exists because human beings are not perfect. It’s hard.

The first few times you might not want to let anyone in as you’re hurting, and keeping everyone at arms length is easier?! As time goes on, I find myself enjoying the small talk a bit more with porters and cooks and cleaners. And finding comfort in the talks with nurses that get to know you even though you don’t want them to.

You think hospital sounds boring right? I don’t seem to ever get a minute to myself(the same goes for Jonathan). It’s constant obs, physio, feeding, washing, changing, bloods, docs in, dietician, IV’s, food, physio, meds’, changing, cleaning, docs again, tea… before you know it you’re swapping again with the other parent. It’s hard work. It feels like it’s harder than at home.

Harder work for sure when you have another child at home. I’ve never felt so torn.

FaceTime becomes a lifesaver and suddenly I love the technology I take for granted.

There are people who have it so much worse than us. I cannot imagine doing this for over a year (we knew someone who had). The strength to carry on is remarkable.

If you know of a hospital warrior- please help them. My blessings have come from visitors, face times, babysitting, sitting in hospital so us parents can go and eat, food brought to us for home and for hospital, texts, messages and cards, ironing done and offers of cleaning. Thank you doesn’t seem enough but my burdens have been made lighter by the army surrounding us.

If I were to wish for one thing it would be that kids don’t get sick, but our reality is that they do- and there’s lots that can help a very tough and emotional situation, so I will wish that others really do have the help that we’ve had to make it all a bit lighter when you’re ladened with the sadness of a very poorly child.

Thank you to everyone that has helped xxxx

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