Christmas Joy??

Christmas isn’t always full of joy.

A couple of years ago I stood with a friend next to her sisters new grave as she cried, and cried with her on a cold windy rainy December day. She remembers her daily, and Christmas time is hard because her sister loved it so much.

I have friends who lost a daughter very young to a complete freak accident years ago, yet I am sure not a day goes by without them wondering and thinking what she would have been like now. What would she want for Christmas? She should be sat with them.

I remember just popping up to Nanna’s house near Christmas to drop something off, only to find an array of mess (her Christmas pile haha) that we would end up sorting out and spend hours with her. She would tell her stories and we’d all eat chocolate. It fills me with sadness that she’s gone along with those times. Only memories left no matter how treasured.

People we know (multiple unfortunately) have had babies pass away near Christmas and their hearts are heavy to say the least. It is a time to just get through and survive, rather than full of joy.

There are carers all over that won’t get a break or rest over Christmas. So many of them. Illnesses and disabilities don’t take a break for a joyful Christmas.

People you may know are fighting cancer. Christmas really might not be full of joy but sickness as the chemo takes it’s toll.

There are most definitely some elderly people who are alone at Christmas, some will be ill with no one to check in or help take care of them. It won’t be full of joy but a wish that time will pass and better health will come their way in the weeks ahead, and hopefully some company.

I remember a friend who had lost a baby just shy of the time when it would have been termed a still birth. Instead it was a miscarriage. A tiny baby that she birthed and held and then had to say goodbye to. At the funeral she asked me to read out a song she had written her boy. There were times I couldn’t see the page for tears filling my eyes. She no doubt thinks about and wonders about her boy daily and feels that loss more at times like this.

A friend currently is watching a parent in the last stages of life hoping they at least get Christmas together and some of the new year.

There is so much sadness and heart ache in the world. Why do I write this?

YOU be some of the joy to someone. A small gift, a meal, some time spent with someone, an ear, a shoulder to cry on, or with, some food for someone struggling to eat. It could be anything, but don’t be too busy wrapped up in Christmas to lose sight of you spreading some Christmas joy. Not the kind that is insensitive, but the kind that leaves a lasting feeling of being loved and cared about at one of the safest times of the year for many but not all.

I adore this time of year but I get more out of it when I’ve helped others.

As a church, our church don’t believe Christ was born in December. But we choose to celebrate with the rest of the Christian world. And that baby who we celebrate didn’t enter the world rich, it was humble beginnings. From then on his life was about spreading hope and joy and comfort and peace. I really do love my saviour and try to emulate him.

Wishing everyone peace amongst sadness and love this Christmas time xx

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