Time will pass anyway

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Someone I follow on social media is nearing the end of her battle with cancer and I’m just so sad for her family. But whilst watching her life unfold in the last few months I can’t help but think that whilst she’s kept on fighting and searching for the next answer or treatment many many others would have stopped. Maybe accepted they don’t have long and choose that simpler (probably the wrong word) road. Knowing her character a little bit, I think going out fighting is the only way her soul has found peace. But this whole thing has just made me think so much about life and death and the time we are given.

Jonathan will very often give me a simple piece of advice whenever I’m weighing up a hard decision with a hard road ahead.

The time is going to pass anyway. What do you want to be your reality in a few weeks, a few months, and even a few years.

It very often makes me choose the harder road. I’ve watched as people choose the harder yet more rewarding road and accomplish the almost impossible.

We can often tell ourselves we don’t have time, or we don’t have the energy, or desire. If you give yourself a little talking to and really decide what it is you want in the future- after the time has passed.

I’m not even talking about the biggest decisions mostly- although that’s definitely what we need to think about. What about reading the most ridiculous boring toddler books on the planet over and over again? It would be EASY not to!! But what do I want? I want Wyatt and Lauren to love books and reading- something I didn’t grow up loving. It would be easy to stay indoors in horrid weather, to want to stay warm and cosy but what do I want? I want Wyatt and Lauren (who joined us on this outing) to love all weather and the outdoors.

When crossroads come up, I now hear Jonathan’s voice and often take a harder more exhausting road but decide what I want my future to look like, in business I want to be at least doterra diamond and use no earthly excuse to not work hard and keep going. At home I want to do everything humanly possible to keep Wyatt and Lauren well until we see a miracle in cf treatment reach the U.K. In my family life I want to keep changing to be a better mum and wife. In my spiritual life I want to be at peace with God in how I live my life, and in friendships I want to nourish them and keep them and not use excuses to not see my loved ones.

Make your time mean something and accomplish those things you want. Time will keep passing and it is up to you exactly what you do with it. Use it to your advantage. Use it wisely. Don’t use excuses more than opportunity.

The time will pass anyway.

April xx

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